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Katie Home Cook

Welsh Home Cooking

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I love to cook and create recipes, find them here and try them for yourself. 

All images of my recipes are taken by myself or, the better ones, by my husband Alan using my mobile phone.

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Latest Recipes

Fresh, innovative and exciting - the recipes created by Katie are the perfect solution for every culinary need.
Check out the mouth-watering recipes below.

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Cupcakes can be such fun to make and decorate but it can be difficult to find a recipe that turns out perfect results every time. If you are looking for light and fluffy cupcakes, that a quick to mix together and rise beautifully this is the recipe for you.

Toad in the Hole Pic 1.jpg

My family and I absolutely love toad in the hole, its an oldie but a goodie!

I like to flavour my pudding with fresh herbs but you could also add mustard or just leave it plain.


Serves 8+

Guarenteed perfect pork crakling everytime... slow cooked to give you the more juicy and delicious pork joint!

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A little bit about me...


Mother of Four

I am the extremely proud mother of 4 delightful and mad children, Bradley 8, Amelia 7, Harrison 6 & Jackson 3!  

I didn’t truly find out who I was until I became a mother, being a mother is the largest and most important part of my life and that’s one of the reasons I love cooking so much, because I show my love through my cooking, my mother always taught me, if you cook with love you food will always be tasty. 

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Thank you for browsing my website,

please get in touch with any questions

about cakes or cake decorating,

I would love to hear from you!

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