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Makes about 36

Welshcakes are a classic recipe here in Wales, but I think it is about time they broke out of Wales and spread across the world. Somewhere between a biscuit and a cake, I can guarantee you won't have tasted anything quite like them!



567g self-raising flour

227g margarine/butter

2 eggs

114g raisins (soaked in milk overnight)

284g caster sugar

1/2 tsp nutmeg/mixed spice


1. Heat the bakestone or cast iron pan on medium-low heat.

2. Beat the butter & sugar together in a large bowl, add the flour, a pinch of salt, eggs & spice, continue to mix Ii like to use an electric hand mixer.)

3. Add the raisins, without the mix and continue to mix into a soft dough, adding the milk a little at a time if required.

4. Roll the dough out to around 1/4 inch in thickness and cut into circles (you can use a glass if you don't have a cookie cutter).

5. Cook the cakes on the heated bakestone on both sides for 2-3 minutes, the Welsh cakes should have good colour on the outside but the inside should feel a little soft as they continue to cook once off the heat.

6. Roll in caster sugar, then serve and eat as soon as they are cool enough to consume.

Variations - leave out the raisins & use milk to form the dough

Jam/Nutella Splits - whilst the cakes are warm, split with a knife and fill with a blob of jam/Nutella.

Lemon Splits - add the zest of 1/2 a lemon to the dough, then split with a knife and fill with a blob of lemon curd (I like to use homemade).

Lemon & Ginger - add the zest of 2 lemons and one stem ginger ball, chopped, to the dough.

Chocolate chip - add 1 cup of chocolate chips to the dough.

Sprinkle - add 1 cup of sprinkles to the dough

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