Welsh Onion Cake


2 large onions

750g Maris Piper potatoes



2 x fresh bay leaves


Fresh chicken stock

Olive oil




1. Preheat the oven to 150 C.

2. Finely slice the onions and potatoes with the mandolin.

3. Soften the onions in a frying pan with the butter, oil, herbs, bay leaves and season well, don’t stir too much to let the onions caramelize.

4. Grease the cake tin with butter.

5. Lay one layer of potatoes, season and brush with butter, add the layer of onions, repeat until the tin is full ending with a layer of potatoes.

6. Top with the bay leaves, add the stock.

7. Cook for approximately 30 minutes.

8. Increase the temperature to 200 C for 15 minutes to brown the top, serve in the dish.

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