Jammy Dodger Cheesecake

Serves 12

My daughter Amelia absolutely loves Jammie Dodgers and she loves cheesecake almost as much, so I created this recipe for Jammie Dodger cheesecake with her in mind. 

A no bake cheesecake recipe, so it’s super easy to make. A Jammie Dodger biscuit base, with a creamy vanilla and raspberry swirl cheesecake filling, topped with whipped cream, raspberries and mini Jammie Dodgers, what’s not to love!

Jammie Dodgers were always a favourite of mine when I was a child and I still buy them for my children, but it’s very rare I will eat one, but whenever I do the taste of the gooey jam and short biscuits transports me back to being a child and this cheesecake has the same effect. 


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