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When I initially submitted this recipe for Britain’s Best Home Cook I had named these deep fat fried cockles, Popcorn Cockles.

Alan had thought they were an odd side dish, but ever since I had tried them for the first time, I’d loved them. Frockles made a lovely alternative to the usual way we eat cockles, which is out of a plastic bag coated in vinegar and white pepper.

South Wales has a very long history with cockle picking, my own great great grandmother was a cockle picker. Penclawdd in Swansea still exports its cockles all over the world, and in my opinion they are the best cockles, I buy mine in Swansea Market.

During the show Dan Doherty loved my cockles and ate the whole bowl I served, but he said that he would rename them frockles. Well, what a lovely name, so from now on they will always be known as frockles… he did say I could use the name!



• 100g cockles

• 100g self-raising flour

• 120ml sparkling water

• Salt

• White pepper

• Paprika

• Groundnut oil (to fill deep fat fryer)

• Parsley




1. Put the flour in a bowl and season well.

2. Whisk in the water to form the batter.

3. Coat the cockles and fry in batches at 180 C.

4. Drain on kitchen roll. 

5. Garnish with parsley.

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