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When I initially submitted this recipe for Britain’s Best Home Cook I had named these deep fat fried cockles, Popcorn Cockles.

Alan had thought they were an odd side dish, but ever since I had tried them for the first time, I’d loved them. Frockles made a lovely alternative to the usual way we eat cockles, which is out of a plastic bag coated in vinegar and white pepper.

South Wales has a very long history with cockle picking, my own great great grandmother was a cockle picker. Penclawdd in Swansea still exports its cockles all over the world, and in my opinion they are the best cockles, I buy mine in Swansea Market.

During the show Dan Doherty loved my cockles and ate the whole bowl I served, but he said that he would rename them frockles. Well, what a lovely name, so from now on they will always be known as frockles… he did say I could use the name!