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1 jar of homemade mincemeat

1 tangerine, peeled & chopped

1 quantity of sweet pastry

Zest of 1 orange


For the Crumble Topping:

150g Plain Flour

85g golden caster sugar

85g butter chilled and cubed

Icing sugar to serve



1. Preheat the over to 170 fan. Roll out the pastry and cut into round large enough to cover the bottom of each muffin tin.

2. Mix the mincemeat and the tangerine. Fill each pastry case with approximately 2 tsp of mincemeat.

3. Make the crumble: If you're using a food processor add the flour and a pinch of salt, add the butter, pulse until the consistency is like breadcrumbs, don't over mix. Alternatively, add the flour and salt to a bowl, rub the butter in with your fingertips until the mix resembles bread crumbs.

4. Sprinkle the top of each pie with the crumble mix. If freezing, wrap the whole tin well with cling film and freeze, they will last up to 3 months.

5. Bake in the centre of the oven for 15-18 minutes (or 22-25 minutes if frozen), until golden and cooked through.

6. Sprinkle liberally with icing sugar and serve warm or cold. Perhaps with Bailey's thick cream which is my personal favourite way to eat a mince pie!

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