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Breakfast Swirl Loaf

The perfect make-ahead recipe... lovely for a family breakfast on the go but also makes a lovely addition to any picnic basket.


I have chosen my family's favourite ingredients, but you can experiment and find a new version which can become your family's favourite! I also have a recipe for a sweet version.

For the bread dough: 

12g fresh yeast

500g strong white bread flour
300ml water
5g salt
15g sugar


For the Filling:

10 slices Parma ham
8 cooked eggs, scrambled

10 sausages, cooked and chopped
400g grated cheddar cheese

Olive oil


For the bread dough:

1. Mix all the ingredients together and knead into a dough. Then allow to rise for 1 hour.

2. Knock the dough back, then roll out into a long rectangular shape about 1/2 inch thick, about 36 inches long and 12 inches wide. 


1. Layout your Parma ham in the middle of the dough and top with eggs, sausages and cheese. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pull the dough over the filling so it looks like a very large sausage roll. 

2. Bring one end round to the other so that they join up. Pinch and pat the two ends together firmly to form a doughnut-shaped bread. Brush on olive oil and sprinkle the loaf with a little sea salt. Transfer to a baking tray and allow to proof for 20 minutes. 

3. Place in a preheated 200 C oven until golden, about 35 minutes. 


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