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BBQ Leg of Lamb

Not realising we had an imminent heatwave a couple of weeks ago I got a leg of lamb out of the freezer for Sunday dinner, but with the weather being so nice I decided to cook in entirely on the BBQ and I’m happy to report it was easier than I thought it would be. And the taste was amazing, I wish we had this glorious weather all the time.


1 leg of lamb

Olive oil

Handful of fresh rosemary & thyme

6 cloves of garlic

Lots of sea salt flake and ground pepper



1. Add the leg of lamb to a roasting tin, season all over and score the top quite deeply.

2. Blitz the herbs, garlic and oil together to form a rough paste, season well.

3. Rub the paste all over the lamb, focusing on the slits.

4. Cover and chill overnight, or at least 3-4 hours.

5. When building the BBQ put fuel on roughly 2/3 of the BBQ leading a void on one side. 6. Wait for the flames to die down, then thoroughly brown the meat over the hottest part of the BBQ, then move to the void and close the lid.

7. Cook the lamb for approx 90 mins, check with a meat thermometer. Rare 45-50, medium 60-65 & well done 75-80. 8. I served mine with BBQ potatoes, recipe to follow soon...

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