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Barabrith Ice Cream

Bara Brith is a fantastic traditional Welsh recipe, but by turning into ice cream takes it to a whole new favour sensation!! 

It was lovely having Jon coming to cook with me for St David's Day I won him over with my Bara Brith icecream recipe, I used an ice cream maker, but you could also put the cold custard in a Tupperware box with the bara brith crumbs and whiskey, then stir it every half an hour until it is frozen. 



300ml whole milk 

300ml double cream 

120g golden caster sugar 

3 egg yolks 

2 tsp vanilla bean paste 

Bara Brith crumbs (link for the recipe above) 

3 tbsps Penderyn whiskey (you may need more) 


1. If using an ice cream machine, put the canister in the freezer. 

2. Pour the milk & cream into a saucepan and heat gently, add half the sugar & the vanilla. Heat until it almost boils, stirring occasionally. 

3. Whilst the milk mixture is heating, add the yolks and sugar into a separate bowl and beat with an electric hand mixer until it is thick, pale & forming ribbons. 

4. Pour a little of the milk mixture in the egg mixture and stir to slacken, then add the rest of the milk mixture, whisking the whole time. Transfer back into the saucepan, heat until almost coming to a boil stirring the whole time with a wooden spoon, until the mixture thickens and coats the back of the spoon. 

5. pour the custard back into the bowl and cool at room temperature, stirring occasionally to stop a skin forming, then transfer to the fridge and chill overnight. 6. Start running the ice cream machine and pour in the custard, start to add bara brith crumbs & the whiskey, tasting occasionally. Then spoon into a plastic container and cover with cling film and transfer to the freezer.

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